What is a great ICO Story?

Successful ICOs are combination of great cutting-edge technology and great stories for the investors both digital and offline.

Why what will make your Stand Out?

In a crowded ICO market where typically an investor will be going through 100s of ICOs daily and must make decisions purely on what he see’s its important that your story standout, you have a great story to tell visually.

SlydS is your partner for your complete journey!

We at SlydS are capable of providing everything what an ICOs need from a great presentation, beautifully designed White Paper, an elegant website to a great explainer video. Digital Communication and we have it covered.

Ingredients for a successful ICO

Highlight Benefits, Not Features

You could say this is something that’s fundamental in trying to sell anything. Yet, firms often get carried away in showcasing capabilities during the presentation and the result is a never-ending list of bullets of self-praise.

Effective and Impactful Visual Aids

It goes without saying that we judge people and companies by appearances. Overhauling that dated template from the 90s can do wonders to boost your company’s credibility.
Using a simple 3-part guideline you can improve your existing presentation slides.

Social Proof and Case Studies

Prospects want to know that they won’t be taking a gamble with their careers by picking your firm. If you have a track record of delivering exceptional results for similar companies, they’ll be more at ease with you as their choice.

Clear Differentiation

In industries where offerings are usually homogenous and the nuances are not well understood by the prospect (e.g. Relocation), it becomes exceptionally difficult to stand out.

A Well-constructed Solution

Remember what you’re pitching for. This isn’t show-and-tell for companies but a session for you to convince your prospect that you’re the best vendor to solve their existing problems.

Numbers Speak

Numbers have a unique ability to tell stories which are obvious but if not expressed properly seems not so obvious. They can set an idea rolling and validate a concept. So don't let numbers be just numbers make them a story.

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Kanika Atri, Head of Customer Engagement, Mobile Networks CTO at Nokia

Engineer, MBA with 14 years of telecom experience across diverse profiles starting from RF planning and software design to solution consulting, sales, strategy, marketing, communications and special projects. Currently based in Silicon valley, and contributing to Nokia's innovation agenda by engaging with top mobile network operators to define their technology vision and bring it to reality through a detailed technology evolution plan and an innovation road map, in particular helping them define the path to 5G, IoT and Cloud.

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