An Investment Deck
is not a Commercial.

Slyds Investment Deck Service is an offering tailored for visionary startups and founders. With a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem, trending technologies and finance, we help startups prepare compelling investment decks for raising funds.

The founders of Slyds, having worked with a number of investors, founding and advising multiple companies, are capable of eliminating the inefficiencies in the funding ecosystem. They perfectly bridge the gap between startups and investors.

Great pitches are
really just great stories.

An engaging story, appealing visuals and strong business case are crucial to win over investors. Most startups fail in that. Our experience of working closely with PE and VC firms has reinforced our understanding of how they evaluate an investment deck. This helps us to prepare fundraising pitches that really make a difference. We eliminate the need to hire designer, business plan writer, and valuation consultant separately by offering an all-inclusive service.

Our in-house designers are specialists in pitch deck design having learned this special art here in the last four years working on over 500 pitch decks. The consultants work in tandem with the designers to ensure persuasiveness and brevity in the pitch decks.

So far, our investment decks have helped our clients raise over $XX million.

Startup Clients

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Investors & Corporate Clients


Services we Offer

Executive Summary Preparation

Franchise Business Plan

Company / Startup Dossier

Pitch Deck Design

Roadshow Presentation

Information Memorandum Design

Board Presentations

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